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MAKEUP ARTIST NORMAN BRYN has serviced the Film & Television Industry for over 20 years. His diverse media clientele includes various cable networks, advertising agencies, PR firms, political advisors, and fashion photographers. Film actors (Robert DeNiro), TV stars (Sarah Michelle Gellar), soap queens (Susan Lucci), comedians (Phil Hartman), political figures (Al Gore, Rudy Guiliani), and talk-show hosts (Kelly Ripa) are among the many celebrities to have benefited from NORMAN'S makeup-artistry.

Additionally, NORMAN is a specialist in CHARACTER MAKEUP and SPECIAL F/X MAKEUP. Combining traditional art skills (sculpture, portrait painting, molding & casting) in his studio workshop, NORMAN manufactures custom-fitted PROSTHETIC DISGUISES. These latex-rubber makeups (individual features or whole faces) dramatically alter the appearance of any actor, offering unlimited character choices for drama or comedy. Progressive Old Age, Celebrity Impersonations, Historical Recreations, Horror & Sci-Fi Characters, Medical Simulations, Wound & Gore F/X, Comedic Advertising --these and more are to be found on this website.

Norman is also an accomplished ILLUSTRATOR, providing his clients with detailed CONCEPT DRAWINGS when film producers or creative directors require visual aids during pre-production. Vast amounts of time and money can be saved by designing characters and F/X on paper FIRST.

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